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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member? 

Membership forms can be found here on out website or inside the lodge on the counter. Please ensure to fill out all sections of the form, once complete they can be placed inside our secured lock box with your payment (checks preferred).  If heading to the hill is inconvenient, you may also mail any correspondence to: 

Red Hill Outing Club 

P.O. BOX 401 

Moultonborough, NH 


2. When is the hill open and how will I know? 

The outing club is operated on a volunteer basis and is open when certified staff are available to run the rope tow. All days the tow is running will be posted on our Instagram page, Facebook page, and sent to our current email list. A sign will also be placed at the end of Sheridan Road. 

3. Do you have sledding or tubing? 

Sledding and tubing are permitted on the hill any day, regardless of whether the rope tow is running. If the tow is running, sledding will need to be conducted on the left side of the hill (closest to the forest line, away from the tow) to allow skiers adequate space to access the trails and rope tow. 


4. Can you AT or telemark ski without a membership? 

A membership is required to use the hill in any recreational capacity; this includes sledding, AT and telemark skiing.


5. If I am a member, can I bring a friend, guest or extended family member? 

Only members who have both paid and signed the membership agreement/waiver for the current season are allowed to utilize the hill. If your guest would like to sign up, we always welcome new members! They can do so the same day in the lodge. If you need assistance with this process, please see question 1. 

Please understand and respect that this policy is in effect for safety and liability. Should an individual who is not a member become injured on the hill, the effects could be detrimental to the clubs ability to continue to provide a fun, affordable, and accessible facility in years to come. 


6. What constitutes a family membership? 

A family membership for $75 per season provides access only to members of your immediate family. Extended family may watch fromthe base of the hill or lodge without a membership, but if they would like to participate (including skiing, sledding, or other recreation) they will need to purchase a separate membership and sign the necessary waiver. 

7. Do you offer lessons or rentals? 

We do not offer lessons or rentals. You may obtain rentals at Ski Works in Ossipee, NH, which is approximately a 20 minute drive from downtown Moultonborough. 

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